Dr Kiran’s meeting with Dr Harshvardhan

Dr Kiran’s meeting with Dr Harshvardhan

It was wonderful for Dr Kiran and Usha to meet with India’s Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, and Senior Leader in the Modi Government Dr Harshvardhan this morning. He was delighted to hear of Usha’s visit to Australia and gave her his blessings and good wishes for a bright future ahead. He was also so pleased to hear of the Asha school leaving results this year, and warmly congratulated Asha and the students, particularly the toppers for such an excellent performance.

Dr Harshvardhan has promised to attend Asha’s Celebration of Learning event in July once all the college admissions are over. Thank you, Dr Harshvardhan for your deep interest in and encouragement of the work of Asha!


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