Make a difference

Any amount you can give will help us to change lives in Delhi’s slums:

By protecting health

$5/£3/AUD6 – will provide a Community Health Volunteer with medical supplies for a week

$15/£10/AUD20  will vaccinate 3 children against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis

$35/£20/AUD40  will provide full medical care and vaccinations for a child’s first year of life

$60/£35/AUD65  will provide basic health education to 1000 people

$100/£65/AUD120  will provide 60 children with Vitamin A supplements to prevent night blindness

$165/£105/AUD190  will provide the treatment needed to put 10 TB patients on the road to recovery

$225/£140/AUD255  will provide 2-3 ORS sachets and 1 litre of water per child for 750 children to prevent dehydration during diarrhoea

$300/£190 – will pay to train a CHV and equip her for 1 year


By promoting education 

$60/£35/AUD65  will pay for 1 educational workshop for 30 children

$65/£40/AUD75  will provide career counselling services for 10 children

$95/£55/AUD100  will provide a student with new clothes for university

$130/£75/AUD135  will buy books for one child for 1 year

$165/£105/AUD190  will pay for books for a 16-year old until he/she finishes school

$425/£250/AUD450  will pay for university tutuion fees for one student for 1 year

$425/£250/AUD450  will provide course books for 5 college students for 2 years

$950/£550/AUD1000  will cover all university expenses for one student for 1 year


…or by empowering people, helping them to gain financial inclusion, or allowing them to improve their environment

You can choose to donate towards any of the other areas in which we work, too. Alternatively, you may wish to let Asha use your gift wherever it is needed most. It could help to:

Provide trained staff to explain to people how they can open bank accounts or apply for loans

Support a women’s group as they raise awareness in their community

Cover the cost of transport for a children’s group so they can leave their slum and go on educational trips within the city

Supply a children’s resource centre with books in English and Hindi

Provide a computer teacher for a slum resource centre

Give a community the support of Asha’s staff in lobbying for a clean water supply or new toilet block

The possibilities are endless! It’s easy to donate and change lives – can you help?