Past volunteers experiences

Dr Elaine Smith, Rheumatologist from UK at Asha clinic“It was my immense joy to return to Delhi and serve Asha as a medical volunteer. I carried out clinics in 4 different slums and one in the polyclinic at Asha HQ. I was particularly delighted to conduct ‘home visits’ to patients who were too weak to attend the clinics. The beauty of Asha is that although volunteers may only be able to stay for a week, the infrastructure is already set up so that patient follow up and long term care is continued by the excellent local health care volunteers attached to each Asha slum. Thus an acorn is able to grow into a mature and fruitful tree”. Dr Elaine Smith, Rheumatologist, UK (2012)

“It has been incredible to meet people living in the slums and hear their stories of empowerment and escaping poverty. Seeing the medical side was fantastic, but seeing the holistic transformation of the entire community was even better. My experience at Asha has been a much needed reminder of how privileged I am. When I return to the UK, I will try to live more simply so that I have more to give”. Ben Saunders, Volunteer, UK (2012)

Dr Adriana, Radiologist from Greece at Asha Polyclinic

“My time at Asha was a very successful beginning point. I can declare that every personal expectation was satisfied. My trip boosted my professional ideals of helping people to improve. Personally what I valued the most was the possibility of furthering my collaboration with Asha. My goal is to return in 2013 and enhance medical activities”. Dr Adriana Vitzileos, Radiologist, Greece (2012)

Hanna Branch & Team from UK at Mayapuri slum

“In all the charities and development programmes I have come across, I’ve never seen a charity that does so much from the grassroots getting whole families involved. Asha has such an inspiring vision to empower the communities and they do so much with the limited resources they have. I would always encourage anybody who wants to get involved with Asha”. Geni Corbett, Team Leader, Students’ Team, Nottingham University, UK (2012)

“I loved spending time with the children in the slum; they have been such an inspiration. My last impression will always be of how little people in the slums have and how their standard of living is so challenging. Yet, it is more disturbing to think how much worse it could be if Asha were not helping the community”. Jake Panesar, Volunteer, Brentwood, Essex, UK (2012)

Sam Tweed“What amazed me most about the young people I met (students from Asha slums) was their sheer ambition. The College students I taught have plans to become teachers and civil servants; the younger children dream of following them to university too. English is the key to making so much of this possible and I hope more volunteers will come and see them improve further. I hope what I’ve been able to teach in this short time will help these children in their future and they gain the success they fully deserve”. Samuel Tweed, Volunteer, Aberdeen University, UK (2012)

Frankie from UK at Tigri“I felt very close to the kids very quickly. I realised though that when I wasn’t there anymore, I wouldn’t be able to carry on the influence that hopefully I’ve been able to provide, so I concocted a very ambitious plan in order to leave a legacy in the form of a library in Tigri slum. The kids can browse a collection of books, both English language books as well as Hindi books. They can take them home for a week and bring them back for other children to borrow. I think that could be an incredibly useful resource, not only in keeping their English going but also in inspiration and confidence building”. Francis Martin, Volunteer, UK (2012)

Dick n Nigel-aug2012“Over the 7 years that we have known Asha, we have seen so much change. This is not a charity to sit on its laurels! Asha is always looking to see what more can be done on behalf of, and alongside the poor in Delhi. We have been so excited to see so many young people having the courage and resolve to enter further education. We were delighted to see so many people being assisted financially with loans from banks. Many of the poorest families in Delhi are having their dignity restored and their right to inclusion in society confirmed.”  Dr. Dick and Julie Hogben, UK (2011)

Dr Louise Dolan from UK examines a patient“We gathered a team of different medical practitioners from our local hospital. Now the idea is to leave sustainable skills; there’s no point in parachuting people in if we can’t teach the locals. But it’s always true that coming to a place like Asha and India changes us and I think all of us have undergone amazing change. We just hope that we can go back, pass on the message of what we’ve learnt and support the ongoing work of Asha in the future”. Dr Louise Dolan, Consultant Rheumatologist from South London Healthcare Trust, UK (2011)

“Whilst we have been here, we have been moved, challenged and inspired not only by all the staff, but also by the slum people themselves. Through the work of Asha, so many of their lives have been completely transformed; they have become more equipped to serve their community, better educated to improve their situation and mainly and most strikingly, the people have a new sense of pride and dignity that shines through their life.” Julia & Laura, Volunteer, UK  (2006)

“I come away amazed at these resilient people who cope with slum life, see birth and death there, and all of the joys or struggles in between. They believe that change is possible and are working, with Asha’s help, to improve their conditions. I really admire that and feel the richer for having had my life touched by those who live in slum communities in Delhi.” Gareth Williams, Ballymena