Grant their wish for a magical Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving! It is a season of hope, miracles, and peace. You can spread the joy of Christmas by sharing the gifts that God has bestowed upon you with the needy.   With Christmas just around the corner, we at Asha would like to thank you for your consistent support in 2016.  We really appreciate all your efforts to help us transform lives at the slums of Delhi.

People living in slums are the most vulnerable. To them, the thought of getting what they dream about seems nothing less than a miracle. As Eric Sevareid puts it, “Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves.”
Let us make this Christmas a miraculous one for the poor. Come and join the Asha family to grant hope to the slum dwellers of Delhi!

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Let’s pledge to eradicate poverty through education

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you all that 700 Asha students who had appeared for class 12 examination this year, nearly 200 have scored 70% and above. These young champions untiring perseverance and relentless energy have overpowered the unfavourable conditions of slum life. This year’s Asha’s High School batch is stepping into college and is currently busy with their admission processes. Without your support, this would have been impossible to achieve.

In our Higher Education Appeal 2017, you will read about Pinky, a student from Asha’s Chanderpuri slum community, who despite a very harsh life has defied all odds to clear her high school examination and is now looking forward to going to college with Asha’s support.

We urge you to continue to support our vision of sending every child to college.

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Help us celebrate Christmas in the slums of Delhi


With Christmas just around the corner, we at Asha would like to thank you for your consistent support in 2016.  We really appreciate all your efforts to help us transform lives at the slums of Delhi.

Our Christmas Appeal this year focuses on making the festive season more joyful for the children and elderly. Your help and support would take us one step closer to our mission. Also, considering the amazing efforts of our Community Health Volunteers, we really look forward to helping them celebrate the festival of lights in the best possible way.

May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season!

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Join supporters around the world by becoming a Hope Giver in aid of Asha


Hope givers are a very important part of the Asha family and our appeal talks about them. They are people who donate a certain amount and support Asha on a regular basis. These Hope Givers are one of the main pillars of Asha and we really value these friendships.

Asha has been working relentlessly to eradicate urban poverty by ensuring solutions in health problems, fighting illiteracy, environmental problems, financial inclusion and empowering slum communities. None of this would have been possible without the ever-enduring support from the generous Hope Givers from around the world.

But we still have a long way to go before achieving our dream of completely ensuring better life standards for every slum dweller in the city. This is why we need your support. Together we can change lives. Come join us!

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Give a Gift that Transforms Lives this Christmas

Appeal 2015As the Christmas season approaches, we would like to thank you for your on-going support in 2015.  We are truly grateful for your continued efforts and for taking the time to be involved in our work. We couldn’t achieve all we do, without your support.

This Christmas Appeal is focused on donating gifts that help in transforming communities. We are bringing forward the present scenario of our healthcare unit and the work of our wonderful community volunteers. With a dire need for equipment, we hope to provide slum communities with generous gifts that equip their efforts

May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season!

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Asha Student Ambassadors ‘Pay it forward’ to children of their community

JubairAsha Students Ambassadors are a group of diligent young boys and girls who have received support through various Asha Programmes and are now determined to ‘pay it forward’ to their communities. They are working extremely hard to make this happen. Numerous lives are being transformed through their efforts. They are a fine example of how such a brilliant legacy can be passed on to the younger students following their footsteps.

The Easter Appeal 2015 focuses on the story of a remarkable student, Jubair. He joined Asha at the age of 15 and since then has been a vital part of Asha programmes. Presently employed at one of Delhi’s renowned hotels, Jubair is now focused to support other children in his community.

Through their example and perseverance, Asha Student Ambassadors are spearheading the effort to support even more young people from Delhi slums to achieve their dreams.

Would you like to join them in this important work?

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Asha Values that Transform Communities

Appeal Values

Each day, members of women’s and children’s groups in Asha slums engage in acts of selfless compassion and true generosity as they strive to create a new way of life for their community. Coming from some of the poorest families in the city, these women and children exemplify the true spirit of humanity as can been seen in the story of Khatoon; that you will read in this appeal.

As Christmas draws closer and we reflect on all that they have been able to achieve this year, we ask that you help us further develop this work and thank our women and children for the transformations they have brought about.

Help us promote these values

Asha Higher Education Programme making young people’s dreams a reality

Appeal HE Shabnam

This year, despite the challenges of living in the slums, over 250 students from Asha communities have secured a first division in their final year school leaving exams.

In our Higher Education Appeal 2014, you will read about Anil, a student from Asha’s first batch of 2008, who has made use of every opportunity he received in order to turn his dreams into reality. You will also read about Shabnam, one of our high school toppers, who hopes to become a teacher.

We need your support to get students like Shabnam into college.

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A mother’s love is one of the strongest feelings in the world, but even the strongest mothers need your help

Poonam and baby AashnaMaternal and Child Health Programmes have always been a dominant part of our work in the slums of Delhi. As we continue to see reductions in mortality rates for mothers, babies and children, our need for resources also increases. This Appeal explains first-hand how Asha’s Maternal and Child Health Programme save lives and demonstrate how your donation can make a difference.

In this, our Spring Appeal, Community Health Volunteer Radha tells the story of Poonam, a 20 year old woman who would have lost her baby if Asha had not intervened at the right time. Asha Community Health Volunteers play an important role by counselling women on birth preparations, the importance of safe delivery, breast-feeding, immunization, contraception and prevention of common infections as well as the care of their young children.

Will you help this vital work today?

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Become a Hope Giver to Help Students Continue their Academic Journey

Despite their difficult circumstances, the family wanted Angeeta to study so she could have a better life, but they were unable to help her financially with her academics. This is where Asha stepped in. We gave Angeeta sample exam papers and books and allowed her to study at the Asha centre which was more quiet and private then her crowded home. As a result of our intervention in her life, Angeeta became motivated to study hard and was recently rewarded when she found out her exam results. She scored 74%, an excellent result given the obstacles she has faced!One of the most important ways that Asha is able to plan our future programmes is with the support of regular givers. To help us provide scholarships to the most needy students we are requesting you to become a monthly donor; an Asha Hope Giver.

As Asha’s Higher Education Programme is making history with more and more students from slum communities being able to access higher education, we at Asha would like to thank all our supporters without whom this could have never been achieved. Our dream is that with this initiative, an education movement will build in the slums of Delhi and across India.


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