Students from slums do well in their High School exams

The results of the final year high school exams have just been released. Once again this year, the students of Asha have overcome the impediments of growing up in an urban slum and done well in their exams. Doing well in these exams is essential for the students who want to go to college.

Helping the students overcome the problems that they face in their studies is one of the key features of the Asha Higher Education Programme. Perhaps it best articulated by one of the students, Jeetu, from Kusumpur slum colony, who scored 82% in his exams. He attended workshops on stress management and methods of addressing question papers and also received sample papers and help books form Asha. Dr Martin came to meet his class and counsel them. ‘Asha said they would help with my college admission after exams. Because of this, I was able to focus on my exams because I no longer was worried about the college admission process,’ says Jeetu.

Class 12 Students Jun 2012 023

Sunil, a student from of Ravidas slum colony, has scored an 84% in commerce section. He wants to go for higher education to be able to get a good job and eventually move out of the slum one day.

Asha is now helping the students to fill out their admission forms for Delhi University. We have high hopes that a good number will qualify for entrance. To help them get to university, Asha provides Educational Scholarships.

The best way to help these students succeed in higher education is to sponsor the tuition fees of a child and give them the best chance to beat the vicious cycle of poverty.

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