Volunteering Opportunity for Schools

    Overview: School visit to Asha

If your school is thinking of becoming involved with the Asha community, this website is where you will find the resources to guide you step by step through the organisational details of a visit to the Asha slum colonies in New Delhi.


In my role as Schools’ coordinator, I am indebted to Methodist College, Belfast, Ballymena Academy and Rainey Endowed School, Magherafelt for their contributions to this website. These schools have led several successful trips and they wish to share the resources they have built up over the years with other leaders.

A project of this kind is organised over the course of a school year and I have arranged the material in chronological order based on how it has been planned in the three aforementioned schools.

The Wallace High School and The Royal School, Armagh are the most recent schools that have partnered with Asha and it is hoped as more schools become involved, the leaders will be able to share their resources through this website.

Pearl Donnelly (Schools’ Coordinator, Ireland)


Resource material to help your school partner with us:


Section 1: PowerPoint presentation: Information evening for interested students and their parents.


 Section 2: Application Process

Application form

Letter template to inform students about selection/non-selection of applications

Letter template to inform students about the selection/non-selection for a place on the team

Sample interview questions


Section 3: Travel

Useful information for planning the travel arrangements


Section 4: Fundraising


Section 5: Preparation

About Asha Society in Delhi

Sample Lesson plan for teaching English: topic of food

Lesson plan for teaching crafts: topic of hobbies


Section 6:  Prep Trip Information

Applying for India Visa

Information on restaurants and shopping outlets in Delhi

Sample itinerary for trip

Health and Safety

Contact card for pupils to carry with them at all times when in Delhi

Parental consent form

Risk assessment

Parents’ information evening

Sample Breakdown of Expenditure (Based on 2015 India Trip)


Section 7- Delhi Directory

Guidance notes for the organisational details when in Delhi