• Financial Inclusion

    3687 low-interest loans have been given for businesses, vehicles, home improvement and education.

  • Healthcare

    In Asha slums, 99% of children less than five years of age are healthy.

  • Internship and Mentorship  programme

    About 360 Asha university students have benefitted from our internship and mentorship programme.

  • Higher Education

    Since 2008 we have enabled more than 2000 students to attend university.

What we do >

What we do

We tackle all the issues that can keep slum dwellers trapped in poverty. Our programmes help slum residents gain access to healthcare, financial services and education, and make it possible for them to make long-term, positive changes to their lives.

Get involved >

Get involved

Whether you use your voice or your lifestyle choices, or give your time, money, or your energy to Asha, you can choose your own personal way to contribute towards transforming lives in the slums of Delhi. Support us in our cause, and make it your cause too!

About the founder >

About the founder

In 1988, Dr. Kiran Martin – a middle-class graduate from Delhi University – had set foot in a slum for the first time, to treat victims of a cholera outbreak. In the 25 years since that first intervention, Asha has established healthcare on the doorstep of over fifty slum communities.

News >

Asha Student Ambassadors ‘Pay it forward’ to children of their community – transforming numerous lives.

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