Asha helps High School students prepare well ahead of their final exams

This year there are over 500 students in Asha slums across Delhi studying in Class XII. To help them prepare well for these exams, Asha has distributed sample exam papers and question banks to the Class XII students. These books carry previous years’ exam papers and mock-exam papers which help students to practice ahead of their exams.

The final board exams for students in Class XII are held each year in the month of March and it is critical for each student to score well in these as the marks obtained will then determine which college and universities they can apply to.

A Class XII student receiving books from Asha in the presence of Women’s Group members
A Class XII student receiving books from Asha in the presence of Women’s Group members

Last year, the cut-off percentages were as high as 98%-100% in some colleges of the Delhi University. This again increases the pressure on the students from the slums to compete with those with better facilities. Being from a poor background the students are not able to afford any additional tuition classes which the children from families with better financial conditions can.

In addition to this, Asha is organising mock exams for all the Class XII students from Asha slums. Like every year, the students will appear for a three hour examination for each subject they have opted for. Their answer sheets would be evaluated after this and based on their results appropriate counselling is provided on issues like answering the exam paper and its specific sections.

Asha does everything possible to help the students find decide on a course of higher education and provide education scholarships for the poorest students. But recently, Asha has had to cut its budgets dramatically after losing around half its funding, when two of our major funding organizations who supported our work suddenly ceased funding us.

At this difficult time, we ask for the help of our supporters so that we can meet the needs of all these students. It costs £450/$700 per year to send one student to college. Asha has a goal of sending 5,000 children to the University within the next 5 years. Your assistance will enable us to achieve our target and have the joy of seeing these children enter University.