Mr Jonathan Tow, Deputy High Commissioner, Singapore visits Jeevan Nagar slum colony

On 22nd March, 2014, Deputy High Commissioner, Singapore, Mr Jonathan Tow visited Asha’s Community Centre in Jeevan Nagar slum colony with his wife, Ms Chui. He was accompanied by his Political Counsellor, Eirliani Abdul Rahman.

He interacted with members of the children association and encouraged them to set their goals in life. “Do something towards achieving your goals every day. The best way to achieve your goals and maintain your focus is to do something that will make it happen each and every day.” he added.

Mr Jonathan Tow in conversation with children from Jeevan Nagar slum colony
Mr Tow in conversation with children from Jeevan Nagar slum colony

Later, Mr Tow talked with the college students and listened to their individual stories. Shaheen, who is pursuing master’s degree in Political Science from Delhi University, recalled how her parents were initially reluctant to send her to college. “I am the first girl from my family to enter into university and it became possible because of Asha.” she said confidently.

In his discussion with the members of the women’s association, Mr Jonathan said that he was inspired to know about the important role played by them in their community. He then visited a few members of the community in their homes to gain an insight into their lives. His words of encouragement to the community greatly uplifted their spirits. We would like to thank Mr Tow for taking out the time to visit the community in Jeevan Nagar slum colony.

Here’s a short video where Mr Tow talks about his experience at Asha: