A Meeting with Mr LK Advani

Dr Kiran and an Asha student Usha met with one of the tallest leaders of the ruling party BJP Mr LK Advani this morning. Dr Kiran and Usha brought him their New Year greetings on behalf of the entire Asha family. Mr Advani has been one of India’s greatest and most highly respected statesmen. He has been an elected Member of Parliament for the past six decades. He is a prolific writer and blogger, putting down his thoughts with great lucidity and clarity on a vast variety of subjects. He has been a loyal supporter of Asha for the past 12 years, and is a constant source of encouragement to us all.

Thank you Sir for making the time to see us and for the presentation of a signed copy of your book ‘My Take’ to Asha graduate Usha. The students are eagerly looking forward to your presence at an Asha event in March.