Dr Kiran’s trip to Ireland

With much happiness we would like to let you know that Dr Kiran had a wonderful trip to Northern Ireland, recently. It was indeed a very fruitful visit, where she met some very inspiring individuals including many old and new Asha supporters.

Following are some of the highlights of her trip:

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (1)

Dr Kiran with Rev Jonathan Curry (centre) and John Healy (left) at First Magherafelt Presbyterian Church. She was received with great warmth by the congregation whom she addressed, speaking about the work of Asha. Rev Curry is on the Board of Governors of Rainey Endowed School, a school that has been sending teams to Asha over the past many years. The teams have been led by the Deputy Head of the school, John Healy. Thank you Rev Curry for your warm welcome to Dr Kiran.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (2)

Dr Kiran with Dorma and John Healy. Dorma led a number of teams out to Asha from Ballymena Academy during the early years of their relationship with the school.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (3)

Dr Kiran with Philip McClelland (right) Assistant Minister First Antrim Presbyterian Church, and Michael Rutledge (left). A big thank you from all of us at Asha for welcoming Dr Kiran, and for so generously helping us to refurbish Ekta Vihar and set up our Physiotherapy Centre. Many thanks also to Angus and Will who spearheaded the fundraising effort.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (4)

Dr Kiran with CEO of Radio Cracker, Gordon Dawson (right), and Gareth Williams, (centre) Chair of Friends of Asha (Ireland). Radio Cracker has been fundraising for Asha every Christmas for the past three years. Thank you, Radio Cracker for thinking of the slum children of India at Christmas.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (5)

Dr Kiran with Gareth and Carol Williams. We are thrilled that they will be leading out a team of 24 people from Northern Ireland to Asha in February 2016. This will be the eighth team that Gareth will lead, which is wonderful. Hundreds of lives are being transformed under his leadership. We look forward to having them with us soon!

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (6)

Dr Kiran addressing year 8 pupils at Wallace High School in Lisburn, NI. What a delight it was for her to be able to speak to them about the work of Asha. Thanks to the Head of the school Ms Deborah O’Hare for being so supportive of the relationship with the school.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (7)

Dr Kiran with the Head of Wallace High, Mrs Deborah O’Hare and the teachers as well as the pupils who will be coming as a team to Asha in October 2016. We hope to see a team at Asha next year!

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (8)

Simon and Moyra Richardson warmly welcomed Dr Kiran to Glencraig Parish that Simon has recently taken over the leadership of. Thank you Simon and Moyra for making the work of Asha known at your parish. May this relationship grow in the years to come.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (9)

Dr Kiran with Chief Executive of the Council of Catholic Maintained Schools Jim Clarke(L) and his colleague Michael.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (10)

Dr Kiran with Rev William Moody, Minister of Brookside Presbyterian Church in Ahoghill. We are deeply grateful to the church for their loyal support to Asha over the past many years. Thank you Rev Moody for inviting Dr Kiran to address the congregation.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (11)

Dr Kiran addressed the pupils of Coleraine Grammar School. The school hopes to send a team out someday soon. Many thanks to Dr David Carruthers, Headmaster of the school for your kind hospitality and your keen interest in the work of Asha. Thanks also to Maths Teacher Kerry Bamber for her passion for Asha’s work.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (12)

Dr Kiran with Pearl Donnelly, Asha Schools’ Coordinator, Kerry Bamber, teacher and Asha Ambassador with Dr David Carruthers, Headmaster of the new Coleraine Grammar School. In September 2015, the ‘second oldest girls’ school in Northern Ireland, Coleraine High School, came together with Coleraine Academical Institution to form Coleraine Grammar School. We, in Asha, wish them continued growth and success into their shared future, filled with fulfilment, excitement and achievement.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (13)

What a joyful evening it was, a reunion with the team from Holywood Parish! They had just come out to Asha last month, and various team members shared about their experiences at Asha. Dr Kiran spoke about her journey with Asha, and thanked the parish for their generous support of the work. It was also an evening of celebration of the Indian culture, with team members looking beautiful in their Indian clothes.

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (14)

Dr Kiran at the Royal School Armagh
[R-L: Lynn Montgomery, teacher and team leader of team to Asha, Dr Paul Crute, Headmaster, Dr Kiran, Rt Rev Alan Harpur, retired Archbishop of All Ireland, Gordon and Daphne Wright (Coordinators of Friends of Asha Ireland), and Simon Cardwell, teacher and Asha team leader].

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (15)

Wonderful reunion with the team from Royal School Armagh! What a great fundraising effort for Asha!

Dr Kiran's IE Trip (16)

Thank you Rosemary Jane and Alva for your most generous hospitality towards me during my stay in Northern Ireland. I shall always remember your kindness and I hope to see you in Delhi someday soon.