Physiotherapy Centre changing attitudes at Ekta Vihar slum colony

“The greatest improvement that I have seen in the past eight months is that the patients have started to rely on physical exercises more than machines. This behaviour change is our greatest achievement,” shared Physiotherapist Shweta.

During the initial days when the physiotherapy unit was set up, it was largely seen that the patients were largely addicted to the usage of machines. Instilling the idea of physical exercises as an even more effective part of physiotherapy, was not an easy task.

Shanti, a 70-year-old woman, from Ekta Vihar slum claims that her back and neck pain has drastically reduced with the exercises that were advised to her. Having worked as a Community Health Volunteer (CHV) herself, Shanti had full faith in the physiotherapy services, and followed all the advice thoroughly. After four months of regular exercises and follow ups, Shanti is now able to sit and walk with much lesser pain. Shanti is not just compliant to her exercise schedule, but she also recommends her neighbours to visit the physiotherapy center if required.