Team from New York visits Asha Slum Communities

The Asha team and community at Jeevan Nagar were delighted to welcome John and Sara Furste along with Mandy Hildenbrand and Mark Morsfield from the River Church, New York, USA during February 2016.

The team spent about two weeks working with the children’s group in Jeevan Nagar slum colony. During their stay, they absolutely enthralled the children by narrating stories, conducting music and dance sessions and playing educational games with them. They also got an opportunity to interact with the Community Health Volunteers, Women’s Association members and the students who are now attending college. They were impressed to note how Asha has been able to educate slum dwellers about universal values of life, as well as demanding their rights and taking responsibility for their own welfare.

The team enjoyed listening to the community members as they narrated their tales of struggles, hope and success during their journey with Asha.

We are so happy to have the support of such wonderful and giving people and do really look forward to having them return to us again.

Here are a few glimpses of the activities that the team did with the children at Jeevan Nagar slum…