World Environment Day celebration at Asha Slums

Asha Women’s and Children’s Associations across slum communities enthusiastically celebrated the World Environment Day (June 5, 2016) by enacting street-plays, organising cleanliness drives, and planting trees, amongst many other activities.

The celebrations began with the supervisors giving a little speech about the relevance of ‘World Environment Day’ and why it is absolutely necessary to save the mother earth. Each Asha community had something different to offer.

KDC Councillor Dharamvir Singh (4)

Zakhira Councillor (3)

Asha slum colonies in Kanak Durga and Zakhira specially invited the Area Councillors, Mr Dharamvir Singh and Ms Surender Kaur Shunty respectively, as chief guests to initiate the planting of trees in their respective areas.

Anna Nagar (3)

Anna Nagar (4)

At Anna Nagar slum colony, the children hosted a brilliant street-play about the reasons of global warming and the importance of saving trees.

Ekta Vihar (5)

Women’s Association and Asha Student Ambassadors at Ekta Vihar slum colony planted trees throughout the slum to make people aware about the relevance of the issue.

Ekta Vihar

Posters made by Asha children

Seelampur (4)

At Seelampur slum colony, interns from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University engaged the children in making some beautiful posters, placards as well as organised a drawing competition.

Seelampur (9)

The posters and placards were then used for the rally which the children conducted to create awareness among the community members.

Seelampur (13)

The Seelampur community also organised a cleanliness drive at the new area situated on the banks of River Yamuna!

KPP (1)

Children at Kusumpur Pahari slum colony enacting a play for the Women’s and Children’s Association.

Jeewan Nagar (3)

Asha students planting trees at Jeewan Nagar.

DAB (1)

Interns from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University making the children aware about benefits of going eco-friendly at Dr. Ambedkar community.

DAB (2)

Oath taking ceremony on the occasion of the World Environment Day at Dr. Ambedkar community. Pictured here are- the special guest for the event Mr Dharamvir Singh, Local Councillor along with Asha children and team members.

We applaud the children and women and the Asha team for taking up this initiative despite the scorching heat. They have definitely done a brilliant job in celebrating the day and creating awareness in their respective community.