Team River from New York spreads happiness at Asha

We had the pleasure of having a 14-member team from The River, New York USA, to volunteer with us at Jeewan Nagar centre. They volunteered for over a week, starting from February 19, 2017 and spread joy and laughter throughout the centre.

One of the volunteers taking a storytelling session with the children.

During their time at Asha, the team interacted with our students and shared their experiences, conducted art and craft activities for the Children’s Association, and awed the children with games and magic tricks, as well as visited the community. The team also had the famous hairstylist, Emily Furste who generously gave haircuts to the children for free.

The River volunteers having a great time with the Children’s Association at Jeewan Nagar.

Talking about their experiences at Asha, Grace and Steve Watson shared, “We are so thankful to have come here. The Asha communities and its values have really touched us. We would also like to point out about how smart and adaptable the Asha children are. Thank you for the amazing experience and hospitality. Asha is doing a great job”.

Emily Furste styling a girl's hair at the centre.
Emily Furste styling a girl’s hair at the centre.

A big thank you to team River for their time and effort. We would love to host you again!

A candid shot of one of the volunteers with a member of the Children's Association.
A candid shot of one of the volunteers with a member of the Children’s Association.