‘’Asha led me through a door of innumerable possibilities”- Rekha, Asha’s Community Health Worker


“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”- a famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi, is what defines me after I joined Asha.
I am Rekha, a resident of Kanak Durga slum colony for more than 38 years and very proud to address myself as the President of Asha’s Women’s Association.

I have witnessed extreme poverty and horrible living conditions in my slums before Asha stepped in 30 years ago. Sick children, dingy and smelly rooms, lack of water and electricity was a normal part of our lives. Back then I was timid, afraid to talk to anyone, let alone stepping out of the house. I had accepted this slum life to be my fate and that there was nothing I could do for myself or anyone else around me.

I am so glad that I was proven wrong by the wonderful team of Asha. They led me through a door of innumerable possibilities and showed me how powerful I am as a woman and how I could be the change I longed to see in my life and community.

Today, I can happily talk about the transformation in not just me but my entire community. Clean roads, concrete houses, children going to schools and colleges, proper healthcare and hundreds of empowered women leading the way in their communities are just some of the positive changes I have been able to witness. It gives me great joy to think that I am a small part of this change.

All thanks to Dr Kiran for leading the way for us women and making us believe in ourselves. I now understand the real meaning of, ”empower one woman, empower the whole community’’.

Thank you for all that you do Asha!