“I dream of a peaceful and a better world”- Sachin (Asha’s Children’s Association)

I am Sachin and I have been coming to Asha community centre here in Kusumpur Pahari for over a year now. I love being a part of the Children’s Association and learning so many wonderful things every day.

I enjoy being a part of the rallies and helping my community get better. I can’t imagine my days without my friends here. I feel loved and cared for. The values I am taught here has changed me. I now listen to my parents and help my mother with her household chores.

Sachin leading a rally in his community on Tuberculosis Day

When I grow up I want to become a politician so that I can end all forms of corruption. My dream is that all the residents of this country become friends and never fight over religion or caste. I don’t want the army on the borders to die unnecessarily. I dream of a peaceful and a better world.

Your support to Asha helps children like me to dream of a better future.