‘’ I love meeting volunteers from across the world’’- Aishwarya from Kusumpur Pahari Community

Eleven years old Aishwarya from Kusumpur Pahari slum colony enjoys being the Vice President of the Children’s Association. When She first stepped into Asha five years ago, this little girl was shy and timid, barely audible when she spoke.

Beaming with a smile, Aishwarya says, ‘’I was not always so confident but coming to Asha has shaped me over the years. I love meeting new volunteer’s who come to visit us from other parts of the world. I still remember a team from @Rainey Endowment School, who visited us in 2016, I felt a special bond with Kyra, Jessica and Syrah. They were such lovely people. I miss them and want to say a big thank you to them for those amazing craft sessions and memorable Diwali celebrations we had together’’.

Ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, Aishwarya is quick in saying she wants to be a scientist.

It’s wonderful to see children like Aishwarya enjoying their time in Asha resource centres. Your support helps us to give them an environment to learn and grow.