Challenging stereotypes: Empowered women of Asha

Shakuntala was devastated when she lost her husband to kidney failure last year. Now left with her son, daughter in law and grandchildren, the entire financial burden fell on the son who was left to the mercy of his daily wage earnings.


Desperate to help her son out, Shakuntala began with some home-based work of artificial jewellery making which barely fetched any money. Despite the challenges, Shakuntala, member of Asha’s Women’s Association in Saavda, did not lose hope. In a society, where women are seen helpless and vulnerable in the absence of their husbands, Shakuntala took it upon herself to contribute to her family in whatever way she could.


Asha’s value of dignity and support from the Women’s Association helped her to start home-based catering, that has helped her earn a decent amount of five thousand rupees every month. Her passion for cooking is helping her find a new purpose in life and she now dreams to upscale her catering service.


Standing proudly outside her home flaunting the banner of her catering business, Shakuntala’s smile demonstrates the empowered woman in her.


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