‘’I was lucky to have found Asha at the right time” – Asha student Ashok

‘’This is not how I always smiled. I lacked confidence and I felt hopeless due to the challenges in my life. My father was alcoholic, who spent all his little earning on his drinking and my poor mother must work very hard as a housemaid to fend for me and my five siblings. Her day starts at 5 and ends at 12 in the night when all of us have eaten and gone off to sleep.

I often wondered if I would ever be able to complete my education that I so desired for. I was lucky to have found Asha at the right time when I was in my most important year of High School. This truly was a new-found hope, that not just helped me with books and other assistance but also helped me through the college admission process, along with the choice of subjects I could take up.

I didn’t know how to speak English, but thanks to the wonderful volunteer, Ken, from the UK, helped me get through this as well.
Asha value of gratitude has helped me to look at the brighter side of my life. I am thankful to Dr. Kiran for this new lease of life for children like me in slums. I am now pursuing Bachelor’s in Commerce from Delhi University’s Shyamlal College’’. – Ashok from Kusumpur Pahari slum

Your support to Asha assures a secure future for youngsters like Ashok.