Education for a better tomorrow

This beautiful little girl Nikita is from Kusumpur Pahari slum community, whose father works as a gardener and mother as a housemaid. Nikita loves to study and the government school she goes to is the only place where she can make her dreams of being an educated girl come true. No one in her family has received education, a result of which is that Nikita has no one to tutor her at home.

Recently in her class 9 examination, she failed in mathematics. Rather than letting her sit for re-examination, the principal of her school asked her and other students who had failed to leave instead. Devastated by this behaviour, her poor parents lost all hopes of educating their child. Nikita who had recently joined Asha rushed to the Asha staff in Kusumpur Pahari community for intervention.

The Asha staff and Ambassadors collectively approached the school Principal to demand for their right to education and after nearly an hour of conversation, the principal of the school agreed to take back Nikita and all other students. Nikita feels relieved at the thought of being able to go to school and thanks Asha team for their support.

Every child has the right to education and we ought to make children know about their rights. In Asha communities, children are aware about their rights. They even go door to door in their communities to counsel parents about the importance of education of their children.

Your support helps us to create empowered children for their better tomorrow.

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