Asha:Rekindling hope

Twenty-three years old Satish lives with his five-member family in Kusumpur slum colony. His father, a daily wage labourer struggles hard every day as a labourer to fend for his wife and four children, never sure of his next day income.

Satish became a part of Asha in his High school year when he was appearing for his examination. He received supplementary books and financial support to get into college. Unfortunately, while in his second year of college, Satish was put on bed rest after being diagnosed with extrapulmonary tuberculosis that led to a severe knee infection. His recovery took almost two years.

Through his struggle, Asha team from Kusumpur stood by him, giving him proper medical guidance, supporting him emotionally.

Today, Satish has successfully completed his B.A Honours in Political science from Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi. He now works as a Sales Associate and contributes his income towards the needs of his family.

Satish is very grateful to Dr. Kiran and the Asha team for standing by him through his most difficult times.

Living in slums with limited resources can be very challenging, but your support helps youngsters like Satish overcome poverty through education.

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