“I want to be an IAS officer.” – Komal

Komal, a seventeen-year-old girl scored 77% in her high school examination. She resides with her parents and younger sister at Asha’s Tigri slum community. With a small earning of Rs 7000 per month ($101.61/ £76.82), it is difficult for her father to manage a family of four. Her parents never went to school, but they aspired to better the future of their children.

Against her grandmother’s wish, who tried hard to convince the parents that marriage was a better option over her education, Komal was determined to work hard. She joined Asha in High School, where she received sample papers. With the help and guidance of Asha team and Ambassadors, Komal has done us all proud. She has successfully bagged a seat in Delhi University’s Bhagat Singh College.

It is hard to miss the sparkle in Komal’s eyes when she said, “I want to be an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer.” Komal believes she can change her fate with good education and she is all set to do so.

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