Zubair – Turning dreams into reality

Asha’s High School student Zubair from Seelampur has emerged as a winner in his recent examination. This 17-year old ‘s dedication is exemplary. Coming from an impoverished and challenging background, Zubair has managed to score an exceptional 73% (A Grade).

From sharing a small room with his family of six members to having to deal with the family pressure to work with his brother in a workshop, young Zubair never gave up. An abusive father, who does not like to work and contribute to the family income, Zubair’s mother often discouraged his dream of pursuing higher education, hoping that he could financially contribute in some way.

The only safe haven for Zubair’s dreams was Asha centre, where he spent most of his time studying. Asha team provided him with the sample papers, helped him with extra tutorials. Constant counselling, guidance and financial aid by Asha team have led to him bagging a seat in the prestigious Shyam Lal College of Delhi University.

Like many children in Asha slum communities, Zubair aspires to become a teacher so kids in slum communities are not deprived of the fundamental right to education.

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