Empower a woman to empower the next generation

Nobody can miss the smile on the wrinkled face of 50-year-old Ramvati. She is the secretary of Women Association (Mahila Mandal).

Ramvati hails from Badayun district of UP, she shifted to Zakira slum community, immediately after marriage to Ashok at the age of 15. She was blessed with two children which kept her busy throughout. She had never stepped out of her house also was reticent whenever the Asha team visited her home.

Gradually seeing the efforts of Asha, Ramvati decided to visit Asha centre. She was overwhelmed seeing the work of Asha and soon decided to be a part of the vision.

With the high level of training in leadership, advocacy and lobbying, she along with the other ladies of Mahila Mandal are equipped to interface with the local officials to secure their basic rights and facilities for decent living conditions. Their biggest achievement amongst others is the installation of 18 handpumps in their slum.

She is also among the first few women to raise her voice against any injustice. Upon asking what the best thing is about Asha, Ramvati said, “I love how we hug and greet each other without any bias. I enjoy having lunch together once a month. Now we all have our own accounts. I received the loan of Rs. 60,000 from the bank with the intervention of Asha to start a shoe shop. I am thankful to Asha. Today I have the confidence to speak for me and other’s rights.”

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