Saba beating the odds to excel in life

18-year-old girl Saba lost her father when she was just one. The only earning member of the family is her mother who strips cables for living in their small house located in the slums community of Seelampur.

Saba said “Her fingers and feet are full of blisters because of stripping wires. Occasionally, I help her, that is when I realised how difficult is her job. I study hard because my mother struggles every day for us. I want to be a nurse and make her proud.”

With seven members in the family to look after Saba’s mother couldn’t afford much. The most she could do was to feed the family, but even amid such hardships Saba’s mother sent her to school, ensured she received the education. Lack of stable family income compelled them all to survive on whatever little her mother earned. Most in the family would fall sick often, as they lacked nutrition.

Asha centre was the only oasis for Saba’s dreams, where she spent most of her time studying. Asha team provided her with the sample papers and extra tutorials. Constant counselling, guidance and financial aid by Asha team have led her to score 70% in her high school examination. She won a seat in the prestigious Zakir Hussain College of Delhi University.

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