Rabia, soaring to excellence

Brilliant in the family, Rabia is an eighteen-year-old girl who lives in Asha’s Seelampur slum community with her parents and six siblings.

Rabia went to bed mostly hungry, wore the same clothes and lived in a poorly ventilated shanty, and there is no sanitation facility in her neighborhood. But these did not stop her from emerging a winner in her recent examination. Despite coming from an impoverished background, Rabia has managed to score an exceptional 74% (A Grade).

Her father, Dulhe migrated from UP in quest of a job. He started working as a painter but due to ill- health, he discontinued. He started a grocery shop which brings a monthly income of Rs 5000 (£55.24/ $72.82). Her mother is a domestic helper and fetches Rs 1500 (£16.57/ $21.85) in a month. None of her elder brothers contributes to the family’s income instead create the disturbance at home.

At the age of 8, Rabia joined Asha’s Bal Mandal (Children’s Association) and was an active participant of the association while growing up. Her journey with Asha brought about an amazing transformation in her life.

She was encouraged by the Asha family to study hard. Asha team helped her by providing the sample papers, conducted mock exams, gave extra tutorials, counseled and guided her.

Rabia successfully bagged a seat in prestigious Zakir Hussain College of Delhi University and wants to pursue a career in teaching Political Science.

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