The fury of Yamuna

With the Yamuna river in spate due to the heavy monsoon rains, around seven thousand people from Asha’s New Seelampur slum community are displaced with no food and shelter.

It is heart-wrenching to see people from this settlement on the river-bed evacuate their abode.

They lack basic amenities like food and shelter. Also, the risk of water-borne diseases is high with stagnant water around the area, even there is a dearth of sanitation facility.

While sharing the distressful condition some of the residents said, “It is difficult to start a normal life any sooner, we have to start from scratch., Our shanties are washed away.” Further added, “It is extremely difficult to stay in an overcrowded camp where the surroundings are unhygienic.”

Together we can help them. Lend a helping hand.