Technology in hands

“With the help of technology, teachers will be leaders in the formation of education around the world.” -Craig R Barret

The fast-moving world now depends on the keyboards and screens. Students are often asked to prepare presentations and work on excel sheets. Our aspiring Asha students too need to be at par with the digitization. But the meagre income of the families’ does not allow them to dream this big. Hence, to equip the Asha students from the slum communities with digital power, the BT India CEO Larry Stone donated 50 laptops to the Asha Community Health and Development Society.

On 72nd Independence Day, the BT India decided to join hands with Asha and deliver happiness in the form of laptops. With these ThinkPads, the children would no longer depend on others to stay updated. The BT India team promised to provide a demonstration of the product usage, at the Asha headquarters soon. The team is also planning to organize a drive to raise funds to gain monetary assistance for the software installation in the laptops.

The alliances with such considerate donor agencies like BT India, the country takes a step ahead transforming the lives of slum dwellers. Empowerment comes with education! We at Asha not only believe on it but try protecting the slum children from the dire consequences of illiteracy.