Fighting diabetes: Sapna’s journey of pregnancy

For Sapna, exercise and balanced diet is key to good diabetes control during pregnancy. “I am pricked twice every day with insulin shots”-she says.

To reach Sapna’s shanty one must walk along a dirty and open drain for a few minutes. During the monsoon, the drain overflows flooding the shanties built on either side.

Sapna hails from Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. She shifted to Dr. Ambedkar Basti, immediately after her marriage to Sanjay in 2013 at the age of twenty-two.

Soon after marriage, she conceived, but her happiness did not last long. She had to face miscarriage because of no medical guidance then. When she underwent the same trauma for the second time she consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with diabetes.

Upon her third pregnancy, she was advised by the neighbours to visit the Asha Polyclinic where her treatment started. Soon she delivered a healthy child. Now she doesn’t stop praising the team, Asha. Sharing her happiness, she said, “Soon we are expecting another child. I want my child to be a Doctor and serve the underprivileged.”

Her only regret is that she associated with Asha too late. “If I was educated or knew little about Asha, I wouldn’t have to face this misfortune.”

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