Post cataract surgery: Shakuntala’s world is brighter!

80-year-old Shakuntala, who once was well settled in Punjab is now surviving at the mercy of her neighbours. She resides with her only son at Peeragarhi, Asha’s slum community.

She does not keep well and soon she started losing her eyesight. With no source of income, she could never think of visiting a doctor. When Asha Team came to know about Shakuntala’s circumstances she was referred to Deen Dayal Hospital. Her only wish was to see again. Soon the Asha team helped her with a cashless surgery which was successful, and her vision restored. Throughout the years of her test and trial, Asha stood strong by her and is constantly supporting Shakuntala and her son.

“My life has changed considerably after associating with Asha. Asha Team is very helpful and supportive” said Shakuntala.

She cries silently when she thinks how the 1984 riots swallowed her family and happiness. Shakuntala had a perfect family then. Her husband worked in a court and had three sons. But as they say it, life is uncertain! Shakuntala had to relocate along with her family and landed in Peeragarhi. A few years later, she lost her husband and her two sons.

Now, she looks forward to monetary assistance to regain her life.

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