“Asha helped protect my child”: Sabiha (a TB patient)

Expecting a child always brings radiance on the face of a woman. But for Sabiha, that delight didn’t stay for long, as she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB).

“When I was running in the first trimester of pregnancy, I could feel a painful lump under my jawline. I was also experiencing dizziness and shortness of breath. It was so hard to breathe,” said the twenty-five-year-old Sabiha, constantly looking straight through the eyes of her son sitting on the lap.

Sabiha, a resident of Asha’s Kalkaji slum community, visited a government hospital nearby and was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) during pregnancy. She was told to report to the nearest DOTS (Directly observed treatment, short-course) centre. This very time, she got to know about Asha’s DOTS centre at Kalkaji. The experienced medical staff present there counselled her, suggested a few pills and also gave strict instructions to follow a healthy and nutritional diet. Afterwards, she visited the centre on a regular basis for the Anti-Natal Care (ANC) check-ups and received the medicines that helped protect her foetus from TB. An intervention in time helped keep her newborn baby safe from the disease.

At present, Sabiha and her six-month-old child are hale and hearty and much grateful to Asha. But not every woman is that fortunate enough. Hence, we seek your support to help such women and people in distress.

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