Lakshmi’s newfound eyeglasses cleared her hazy vision

The glamorous hustle-bustle of a metro city wholly conceals the harsh reality of slum lives swelling along its fringes. The people sitting across the lustrous glass-walls in the lavish eateries keep themselves seeing the pale and malnourished profiles of the people begging at the doors. This is how the destiny toys with people like Lakshmi.

Lakshmi, a widow who looks like in her 70s, has no one around to look after her. Residing in the Anna Nagar slum community of Asha, she does not have any means of earning and solely depends on the others to feed her. She implores people to grant her favours all day around and thus try to keep herself from starving by the little food she manages to bag. But the destiny played with her further and she was struck by cataract a few years ago. However, after being treated, she got a pair of spectacles but lost it once a sweeper accidentally threw it away.

This time, Asha intervened and gathered that the poverty-stricken Lakshmi is seeking for a new pair of specs. Lakshmi does not have enough money to even visit a hospital for once. With empty pockets and bare hands, she could hardly be entertained by any medical practitioner around her. In a bid to wipe out the haziness from her eyes, Asha took her to the GTB Hospital nearby. There, Doctor Jolly handed her the brand-new glasses. And now the smiling Lakshmi is all by herself happily looking at the world through her other eyes and is much grateful to Asha.

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