Professor Kevin’s trip to slums

A large crowd swarmed around him as soon as Professor Kevin entered Asha’s Dr Ambedkar Basti, Delhi. Boston University’s Professor Kevin Outterson visited Asha on August 31 this year. He went to the slum community and shared his experiences with all the people around. On entering the centre, he was greeted with a garland of flowers and received an overwhelming welcome by the Asha staff and the community members.
The professor interacted with the college students and shared the career tips for their better future ahead. The Asha students also shared their words and got inspiration from him. Professor Kevin visited the children’s association as well and discussed the Asha values with the little ones. Within a few minutes, the whole place was surrounded by the chirruping produced by the tiny tots.
Carrying such down-to-earth personality, Professor Kevin walked down to one college student’s shanty situated amidst of the ghetto. Setting an example for each of us, he not merely visited but met the infant present there and also checked the medical record defying all the rich-poor divides and other barriers. A mid-aged woman, who earns out of a fritter-stall with the help of Asha, living in the Ambedkar Basti also met the generous personality. The day ended up with much chit-chat and laughter. Asha looks forward to seeing such dignitaries visit again.
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