Illuminating Kavita’s Unlit World

Life took violent turns when 26-year-old Kavita lost her eyesight. The poverty-stricken Kavita was married to a widower who lives in Mayapuri slum community with two daughters.

During the first pregnancy, Kavita got completely bed-ridden due to the terrible weakness. Thereafter, she started getting severe headaches. Initially, she took it for granted but when the pain got severe, she had to visit a nearby hospital. They confirmed her of the Eye-nerves Tuberculosis which broke her down. With an income of Rs. 6000 per month, she could hardly dream to pay the expensive medical bills. Alas, her new-born did not see the light on the second day after birth. The misery did not end there, Kavita lost her eye-sight too. That’s when Asha intervened and helped her get the right treatment. Asha referred her to AIIMS and after three-year-long treatment, she has partially regained her eyesight.

She had several miscarriages due to the poor health condition but with the best treatment and guidance provided by the Asha team, she now has conceived. Running in the second trimester the Asha team visits her on a regular basis. Today her only dream is to deliver a healthy child. She expressed her interest to keep her child under the wings of Asha.

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