Free Health Camp at Kusumpur Pahari

The best gift you can give to your family is a healthy ‘you’!

Asha organized a Free Health Camp for its slum dwellers at Kusumpur Pahari on September 14.

Kusumpur Pahari is another beautiful and fascinating Asha slum community that has its own beauty and charm. Looking at distinct communities including Sindhi and South Indian etc. sharing the same place and exchanging their culture is adorable. All the inhabitants live there in harmony and peace that can leave anyone bewildered, indeed!

The camp, conducted in collaboration with MAX SMART Super Specialty Hospital, more than 140 people were treated and provided medication to old-aged, tots, women, men etc. Patients were attended by a skillful team of doctors from MAX Hospital with the help of Asha. Defying all the barriers of rich and poor, the medical staff embraced all of them gracefully. Not only the medical specialists but the community too did their job well. The patients calmly stood in the queue awaiting their turn without holding a single wrinkle on their temples. As the day came to an end, a gratifying smile was prominent enough on the faces of Asha slum community members.

Here are a few glimpses:

A patient collecting medicines


Patients waiting for their turn
A doctor attending an ailing woman

We thank you, MAX SMART Hospital for being considerate enough to check and dispense free medication to the Asha slum dwellers.

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