Discovery Schools Academics Trust visits Asha

“We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love”
– Mother Teresa

Lending a hand doesn’t mean mere help but a new start. Asha has always been blessed with its supporters and well-wishers, who visit Asha on a regular basis. This week we were more than delighted to have the Discovery Schools Academics Trust comprising of 28 members from the United Kingdom headed by David Briggs.

The team was oriented about the core components of Asha’s work, the functioning of the polyclinic was explained to them, also they had a first-hand tour of the Asha polyclinic which is also the Headquarter. Post-orientation the team was divided into two sections and departed for Asha’s Seelampur and Chanderpuri slum community.

David Briggs with his team at Asha's Seelampur slum community
David Briggs with his team at Asha’s Seelampur slum community

On their arrival to the respective centres, they were warmly welcomed with garlands of flowers. The amazing volunteers from nine different schools took numerous sessions on art and craft, taught English to the Bal Mandal (Children Association).

David's team at Asha's Chanderpuri slum community
David’s team at Asha’s Chanderpuri slum community

Their one-week-long visit helped the aspiring Asha students, job seekers take keynotes from them. The team also took communication skills sessions to help the Asha students grab better jobs.

Poster making activity in Seelampur
Poster making activity in Seelampur

They also interacted with the Mahila Mandal (Women’s Association) and visited the homes of the slum dwellers. The team was humbled and inspired by the lifestyle challenges people living in slums face in their day-to-day lives and yet manage to wear smiles on their faces. This experience helped the team become grateful for all the luxuries and opportunities they receive in abundance.

David's team with Dr Kiran Martin and Asha Graduates
David’s team with Dr Kiran Martin and Asha Graduates

On the last day of their stay in the capital city-Delhi, the team also met Dr Kiran Martin at her residence. The casual interaction took an emotional turn and brought nostalgia amongst all. All the team members hugged the Asha Graduates and Ambassadors and bid adieu.

It was a wonderful experience to have all of you here at Asha.

We look forward to countless such visits in future that will only grow Asha’s bond with you all.

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