Dimples mingling wrinkles

There are many approaches to achieve joy and delight in our world. But can there be anything better than making your grandparents smile? Bringing a wide smile and happiness on the elderly’s face is what we forget these days.
Bal Mandal (Children Association) members organised a luncheon for the elderly at Asha’s Zakhira slum community last week. They follow Asha values to the core, so they decided a day to acknowledge elderly people and help them get a sense of dignity.
The children performed two plays. One of the drama themes taught to give respect to our elders and also talked about how the children imitate their parents. When they witness good, they act well. The other play was themed upon respecting daughters-in-law. It said we all should give equal respect and love to our daughters-in-law. The plays were so touching that it brought tears to many of its spectators.
A wonderful lunch, prepared at the centre, concluded the event with a vivid dance performance at the end. Breaking all the barriers of age, Asha’s Bal Mandal members, Mahila Mandal (Women’s Association) members, Asha students and the aged enjoyed sharing their food.
Luncheon at Asha's Zakhira slum community
Luncheon at Asha’s Zakhira slum community
“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person”
-Andy Rooney
Donate today to help Asha’s elderly people live a healthy and happy life: https://bit.ly/2tFvdy3