Let HIV not kill our hope!

Savita (name changed) got married in a joint family at a tender age of 16, in the year 1997. Soon they migrated to Delhi in search of better livelihood and to support their family back in UP.
They settled in one of Asha’s slum communities where they were blessed with four children. But Savita’s life took a harsh turn when her husband suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with HIV. She along with her children underwent several diagnostic tests only to find that she too was infected with the HIV virus. This is when Asha intervened and started counselling the family.
“Initially it was difficult to think my husband brought us this fate. Forgiving him was the first step before the treatment began” she said.
“I had to make a mental turnaround to say, I am not going to die and would not let these factors ruin me — I will be brave enough than I was earlier,” she further quoted.
Facing the world has become very difficult for her husband but to sustain the family he works as a driver. It is she who bags the medicines from the hospital for both, also takes care of the family. They both religiously follow a healthy lifestyle since the year 2009 when they were first diagnosed.
Their only dream now is to see their children educated and successful.
Savita says, “I haven’t revealed this to our family, friends and relatives yet. But my children understand our situation and are standing by us through thick and thin.”
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