Hence, Sumit flipped the new chapter of his life…

Is it really impossible for a slum child to shine alike?

Think twice.

Challenging all the odds and undertaking Asha’s guidance, Sumit not only managed to score high in 12th class but secured a seat in a prestigious institute of the Delhi University (DU).

Fighting in the long queues to get water merely enough to drink and cook is an everyday scenario in V.P Singh Camp. Sumit, an Asha student belonging to the Camp, sleeps under a nearly-shattered shack. A mud-made slum dwelling, that barely has the height of a shrub, inhabits five adults including 18-year-old Sumit. With no kitchen and washroom, the family left with no option but to use the community toilets. And there is no need to mention what condition a community toilet could be in a slum.

“I still remember how disappointed I was with my life and had no courage to think about my career till 2017. Asha helped me identify my goals and shape my future. With the help of Asha only, I secured myself a seat in a Delhi University’s college,” said Sumit, profoundly lost in his thoughts.

Seeking a better livelihood, Ashok, Sumit’s father, migrated to Delhi from a small village of Bihar some 30 years ago. But destiny couldn’t justify his decision. Ashok had to settle down near a foul-smelling pit that always oozes out filth and sludge. He took a huge loan for his eldest daughter’s marriage and somehow managed to get a meagre earning out of selling water-pouches. Sumit assisted him in repaying the loan.

The drastic conditions of the house made it next to impossible for Sumit to continue his studies with ease, hence he began giving tuitions to his juniors in order to at least take care of his conveyance. He gets about ₹ 600/ $ 8.21/ £ 6.39 per month.

Sumit has recently joined NCC and dreams of becoming an IAS Officer.

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