Dr Kiran Martin: spreading joy and optimism at Asha slum

“Past successes make us feel more confident and optimistic about future attempts. It is good to be proud of one’s accomplishments.”
– Dr Kiran Martin
It was indeed a memorable day for the entire Asha family when Dr Kiran visited Asha’s Kusumpur Pahari slum community on November 12. The amalgamation of respect, affection and gratitude was evident amongst the community members.
Dr Kiran with an Asha Student
Dr Kiran with an Asha Student
As soon as she stepped inside, a large crowd of Asha students and women welcomed her. A gleam of excitement and joy was reflecting from every eye. Asha students and Graduates expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire Kusumpur Pahari slum dwellers and greeted her with a beautiful garland of flowers.
Dr Kiran interacted with the Asha’s College Students, Interns and those who are employed at Multi-National Companies and Embassies. The proud mothers of the brilliant champs of Asha slums couldn’t resist but cry out of thankfulness. A few members of the Mahila Mandal (Women’s Association) members also spoke about the recent developments in the slum and thanked Dr Kiran for all the support provided.
Dr Kiran with an infant at Asha's Kusumpur Pahari slum community
Dr Kiran with an infant at Asha’s Kusumpur Pahari slum community
In response, Dr Kiran hailed the outstanding performance of the slum dwellers and their children. ” You should always seek for the better future ahead. Keep pushing yourselves and never stop dreaming for better. I will always be there to help the slum community the way I always had been,” said Dr Kiran.
Addressing the crowd, she also added that she’d never stop toiling for the upliftment and betterment of the Asha slums. She also thanked the Asha Team including Ms Rani, Ms Pushpa and Ms Dhanpati for their tireless work in the community for years.
Dr Kiran with Ms Rani (Asha Supervisor) and Ms Pushpa (Team Leader)
Dr Kiran with Ms Rani (Asha Supervisor) and Ms Pushpa (Team Leader)
Dr Kiran walked across the slum to meet a few of the slum dwellers at their shanties that brought the delight and a pack of smiles along with. She gave her blessings to the tiny tots and the young ones.
And the wonderful day came to an end with lots of smiles and happiness.