And Asha brought home the tanker to quench their thirst…

”India is facing its worst-ever water crisis, with some 600 million people facing acute water shortage,” quoted the BBC recently.

The water scarcity has badly hit Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi too. The capital city of India – Delhi is already being named as the second most populated city across the globe after Japan’s Tokyo which makes the consequences hazardous for the numerous people dwelling in the slums in the winter season.

Catering 91 slums of the capital, Asha strives hard to provide them with clean sanitation and water facilities. Hence, we seek your support to gift the Asha slum dwellers a healthy and happy life.

Women standing in the queues with plastic buckets to get water merely enough to supplement the domestic chores is a common sight for every day in the slums of Delhi.

Witnessing the everyday brawls and struggle over water, the Asha’s Mahila Mandal (Women’s Association) members of Navjeewan camp, Kalkaji took the matter into their hands and walked down to the office of the area’s MLA, Mr Avtar Singh. A letter was sent to him prior to the meeting.

They briefed him the situation of the Navjeewan Camp, explaining to him how the young women carry the water-filled buckets from miles off only to catch water-borne diseases at the end. As the water they manage to bring is being put out from vulnerable spots often.

But their vigorous efforts came out well and presently, the tanker arrives in time on a single call every day. Not only the community is now filling their buckets with safe water but also keeping a check on the locality’s cleanliness and sanitation alike. A sense of discipline, peace and harmony has spread across the slum community. This wonderful initiative has helped empower the women of Asha slums and also, inculcated courage and determination in them to work for the goodwill of their society.

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