A gift of Technology to meritorious Asha students by Dr Kiran

Meritorious and talented students from the Asha slums have found a place in prestigious Delhi University through sheer talent and hard work. However, to quench their thirst for knowledge and sharpen their academic skills, they are in great need of a laptop.

Today there is hardly any home without a computer or laptop. Imagine in this context, what it means for the person whose distant dream is to own a computer.

Seeing the thirst to learn and grow, Dr. Kiran surprised the Asha college students with a gift of a laptop. Students who jumped with joy are grateful to Dr. Kiran. These young students who are the future of tomorrow adored the gift while the parents embrace the change.

There are many more Asha students waiting for a laptop. If you do wish to make a donation of an old laptop (with windows 10) to the underprivileged Asha students, then please contact info@asha-india.org