Dr Kiran meets Asha Students and Graduates

Those who want to change the world, the only weapon they can use for that is ‘education’.

Last week, Asha Founder and Director Dr Kiran Martin met with some of the Asha Graduates and those pursuing degree courses. The meeting began with the introduction of all the students giving special attention to what majors they have opted for in their courses. The line of action was to discuss and monitor the internships and mentorships according to their subjects of interest. For the students who are pursuing a degree in Journalism, would need an internship to polish their journalistic skills while those dealing with the Accounts, should go further for something related.

Have a look what Dr Kiran has to say about the meeting held:
“I had an awesome time with a group of young enthusiastic Asha Ambassadors at my home yesterday. Intelligent, ambitious, filled with energy and joy, and paying it forward to their juniors in wonderful ways.
who is in her Final year of BA and will need a job immediately after because of financial hardships.
I’d like to thank all Asha’s friends and supporters for transforming their lives in so many ways, over so many years, with so much love, so much commitment.”

Dr Kiran interacting with the Asha Students and Ambassadors
Dr Kiran interacting with the Asha Students and Ambassadors

On behalf of the entire Asha Team, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your constant support and donations. They keep us motivated to work further for our Asha slum communities.
Keep supporting and keep donating us!
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