Riding For A Reason

A long-time Asha supporter- Simon Chegwyn is all pumped up to ride his motorcycle for the cause of Asha once again. Simon is expected to formally start his journey from May 5, that will be followed by a ride on his 250cc motorcycle from Alaska ultimately to the tail of South America.

This shall be the third time when Simon is riding and travelling across the world to reach as many Asha supporters and prospective followers possible. He is known to many of us who happened to meet him whilst those trips- one from the United Kingdom to India and another, edging India. Getting inspired by the exemplary success rates of the slum kids who made it to the colleges, Multinational Companies and embassies, Simon has planned the ‘ride’ for the third time. He has declared that all the donations received will go straight to Asha.

The tentative idea is to hit San Diego first and henceforth starting the engine from Alaska on May 9 till the New York City and then heading back to the Tierra Del Fuego.

We wish Simon the best of luck for his trip ahead and also, the friends along with whom he is expected to share the ride in between.

You can also become a part of this joyful ride by simply helping him to raise funds: https://bit.ly/2JcCNcf