Dr Kiran, Mahinder and Chandan at the Trinity College

“Each year, a group of Trinity students travel to Delhi to volunteer with Asha, a foundation dedicated to empowering slum dwellers to make positive life changes through healthcare, financial assistance and education. This ongoing program has forged a close relationship between Asha and Trinity, with more and more of our students becoming interested in supporting the organisation through visits and fundraising activities, such as the recent ‘Row for Rudi’ ergathon.

Delhi-based Dr Kiran Martin, Founder and Director of Asha, attended yesterday’s event and emphasised the monumental impact the foundation has on young people living in India’s slums, saying that when supported by Asha ‘suddenly the world opens up to them’. A prime example is Trinity alumnus Mahinder (TC 2016), who transitioned from the slums of Delhi to Trinity College and the University of Melbourne, and now works for the Macquarie Group in Sydney.”

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