Hasina persists in spite of all obstacles

65-year-old Hasina presently resides in the Seelampur slum colony. Hasina originally is from Jhansi in Madya Pradesh. When she was barely a few months old, her family shifted to Mumbai as her father was in Indian Railway. Hasina got married at the age of 16 to a daily wage labourer and continued to live in Mumbai. She soon became a mother of 2 Sons.

In 1990, Hasina came to Delhi with her family to visit some relatives. They decided to stay on in Delhi as her husband found better-earning opportunities. She took a small hut on rent at Seelampur. Her husband started working as a tailor and earning INR 5000 p/m ($70/ £57). One day she met an Asha staff in her lane who motivated her to join the women’s group. She started attending the meeting regularly and soon developed an interest in learning about health. The Asha team encouraged to become Community Health Volunteer and motivated her to undergo training for the same. Soon Hasina started working as a CHV at Asha and gave her services for the next 10 years. Hasina’s sons by then had started working and therefore forced their mother to discontinue her job and stay at home. After leaving the job, she did not feel good. She felt that she was becoming a burden on her sons.

In 2014, unexpectedly Hasina’s husband died. Her sons also decided to shift back to Mumbai, leaving Hasina alone. Hasina became very depressed. The Asha team counselled her at length to work. She applied for the post of a midwife with experience of Asha and got a job at a private nursing home.

Hasina’s life again took a turn for worst, when 6 months ago, she paralyzed with 2 legs and a hand after a fall from the stairs. No family members came forward to help her in times of trouble. Her sons even refused to attend her calls. It was then the Asha family stepped in to supported her. They helped her to seek treatment from the hospital and took her for physiotherapy every day. The Women’s group has contributed to her monthly ration.

Hasina is on the road to recovery and hopes to resume her job soon. She believes that the only family she can count on is ASHA.

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