Royal School Armagh visits Asha

We were delighted to have a team of 19 students and teachers from Northern Ireland’s Royal School Armagh, who spent 10 days in October volunteering in Asha’s Trilokpuri slum community.

The team brought in wonderful energy at the centre and engaged the children and women with various craft and play activities. Women’s and children’s group and college students enjoyed themselves thoroughly during this time and made the most of this opportunity.

It was wonderful to see the team visit the homes of the Asha students to interact with their parents to gain knowledge and experience of the life our students live.

Royal Armagh team along with the children and college students played cricket, an Indian game kho- kho and other street games, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Royal Armagh school Teacher, Peter McClure shared “It was an unbelievable experience during the last 2 weeks. ASHA is doing fantastic work”.

We thank the Royal School Armagh team for their time, effort and enthusiasm towards Asha’s cause and hope to strengthen our bonds with each passing year.

Here are a few glimpses:

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