Christmas Celebrations at Asha slum centres

Christmas is a time for giving and celebration. Children all over the world eagerly wait for their beautifully wrapped Christmas presents. The stark reality, however, is that there are millions of children who are deprived and cannot afford to celebrate Christmas.

Slum children usually just watch others celebrating the occasion, but not in Asha slum communities. This year, Christmas was celebrated in a very unique way. Each team member from communication, finance and administration department decided to sponsor a Christmas party at the centre. They tried their best to bring the joy and light of Christmas into the lives of such underprivileged children by carrying gifts for them. Children were thrilled, receiving gifts like stationery, woollen socks, and caps. The slum children and women enjoyed snacks and cake. They completed the ceremony with dancing and singing and playing many games.

Needless to say, both the children and the Asha team enjoyed themselves on the day of the event and the Asha team who work behind the scenes got an opportunity to strengthen their bond with the Slum children.