Young Roshni’s journey in fighting TB

6-year-old Roshni, who lives near the railway line in Mayapuri slum community has shown her whole community the meaning of strength and determination. Roshni’s parents Ramchand and Komal hail from Uttar Pradesh. Ramchand who now works at a Mobile repairing shop, in his childhood was an active member of the children association at Asha. He has participated in many events at Asha and believes that Asha is a family to him. A year ago, Roshni complained of constant chest pain and immediately Ramchand brought her to Asha centre. The Asha team after careful checkup referred the child to the nearest government hospital as they suspected Roshni of having tuberculosis. Thressi, Asha’s team leader insisted that a community health volunteer accompany the family to the hospital. The doctors at the government hospital conducted some tests and diagnosed retention of water in the lungs as the main cause and not Tuberculosis. During this time the family became disheartened they lost all their hope. Roshni’s mother Komal used to cry daily, she could not see her little child in pain. Whereas Ramchand started working overtime to support their family financially for her daughter’s treatment.

When community health volunteer informed Thressi about their visit to the Deen Dayal Hospital and supported tests for Roshni, she was sure that the diagnosis might be wrong and referred the case to Dr. Ranju at Asha polyclinic. Dr. Ranju after an in-depth study of the case and the results suggested the parents visit another government hospital for the second opinion.

It was at this hospital that Roshni was diagnosed with Brain Tuberculosis and her treatment was started immediately. Because of her health, Roshni missed 2 months of her schooling and was told by the teachers to repeat a school year. After hearing this, the team leader of Mayapuri, Thressi visited Roshni’s school personally and told them about all the struggles the little child was going through and took full responsibility for the child studies so that she will pass in her class. After this, the Asha ambassadors started teaching Roshni at home.

It has been a year of constant medicines, prayers and hospital visits that have cured Roshni of tuberculosis. The family is grateful to the Asha team for their constant support and guidance in this one-year journey of their life which was filled with trials and tribulations. Roshni’s mother has now joined Asha women’s association and works as a lane volunteer. She makes sure that every child in the locality gets a monthly check-up done at the Asha centre.

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